For Your Man Box

For Your Man Box


Flowers won't cut it for your man. Cupcakes however...

This box includes 1 Bacon, Beer, Potato Cookie(contains peanuts), 1 Walnut Whiskey Bacon, 1 Trail Mix & 1 Red Velvet. Sorry, no customizing!


BBP Cookie: Chocolate cake baked with bacon, pretzels & chips. Filled with cookie dough filling.. Frosted with beer buttercream.

Walnut Whiskey Bacon: Chocolate cake baked with walnuts and bacon. Filled with whiskey walnut filling. Frosted with whiskey buttercream.

Trail Mix: Vanilla Chocolate Chip cake. Filled with caramel peanut filling. Frosted with fudge frosting.

Red Velvet: Red Velvet cake. Frosted with cream cheese frosting.