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Desserts and Sweet Treats

We're more than just cupcakes! Kara Kakes is proud to offer a wide variety of seasonal and year-round treats to our customers! Please note that all custom dessert orders require a one week minimum notice.

Cake Pops & Cake Bites

Cake Pops - $5.75 / Cake Bites $4.75
Pre-packaged assortments in-store daily!

Also available for custom pre-order (minimum of 12 per flavor)

Individually wrapped $1.50 extra



Funfetti (Chocolate or Vanilla)

Oreo (Chocolate or Vanilla)

Red velvet

S'mores (Chocolate or vanilla)

Cannoli (Chocolate or Vanilla)

peanut butter

Chocolate peanut butter

peanut butter oreo

strawberry crunch (chocolate or vanilla)

chocolate chip (chocolate or vanilla)

birthday cake s'mores (chocolate or vanilla)

Cookie butter (chocolate or vanilla)



red velvet oreo

red velvet chocolate chip

red velvet cannoli

sweet & salty

fruity pebbles

nutella (Chocolate or vanilla)


pink lemonade

hot chocolate


Sugar cookie

Mint Chocolate Chip



Strawberry Champagne

Boozy birthday cake

boozy strawberry shortcake


bailey's irish cream

pina coloda


Liquor Infused

$1.00 extra per pop/bite


Our cupcakes are as delicious as they look! The best part? They start at just $3.25. View our menu to see the flavors we have in-store each day, or customize your own order!

Please note that not all flavors are available year-round


Cookie Bars

$6.50 each / $2.00 for bite size
Different flavors in-store daily!

Also available for special pre-order (minimum of 9 per flavor)

Cake Pops

Cake-Stuffed Cookies

Cookie Bars

Cake-Stuffed cookies - $6.00
assorted flavors available in-store daily!
Available for specialty pre-order or call-ahead orders

(minimum pre-order of 1 dozen per flavor)

Flavors: M&M Oreo, Funfetti Birthday Cake, Red Velvet Oreo, Peanut Butter Cup, M&M S'mores, Cookie Monster, and S'moreo

Limit of 6 cookies for Same day Call-Ahead Orders

Cake-Stuffed Cookies

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

$42.00 per dozen

Available for special pre-order Only!

(minimum of 1 dozen)

Customization options available for Pre-Orders!

Champagne-Infused Strawberries available for $54.00 per Dozen!



We offers an assortment of unique and delicious dessert platters for every occasion! Customize your own, or pick from one of our standard assortments

Click the photos above to view pricing information

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