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Custom Cupcakes

Stop by our bakery for a fresh assortment of delicious cupcake flavors daily, or pre-order your favorites in minimum flavor quantities! Having a special event? Customize your very own cupcakes to match any theme or occasion!

We require a minimum one week notice on all custom orders.

Regular Size Cupcakes

Our signature Kara Kakes cupcakes 

We require a minimum order of one (1) dozen cupcakes per flavor

Everyday Flavors:                           $3.00 each

Specialty Flavors:                         $3.50+ each

Alcohol Infused Cupcake:           $4.00+ each

Gluten Free Cupcake:                    $3.25 each

Fondant Topper:                   Cupcake Price + 


                                                                            (depends on detail of topper)

GLOW IN THE DARK Cupcake:               $3.75

All basic cupcake order must be placed at least one (1) week in advance of your pick-up or delivery date. 

Due to high demand, we cannot guarantee our availability.

Mini Size Cupcakes

Bite-sized versions of the flavors

you know and love!

We require a minimum order of one (1) dozen cupcakes per flavor

1 Dozen Minis:                                       $15.00

1 Dozen Alcohol Infused Minis:          $21.00

1 Dozen Gluten Free Mini:                   $18.00

1 Dozen Minis w/ sugar lay-ons:         $18.00

1 Dozen GLOW IN THE DARK Minis:   $21.00

Mini cupcakes are sold in our shop in  pre-packaged 1/2 dozen or dozen packages of assorted flavors from that day's menu. If you would like to choose your own assortment, place a pre-order with us! 

We do not customize assortments for walk-ins

Cupcake Tiers

Have you thought about how you are going to display all of your custom cupcakes? Make your desserts table come to life by renting one of our fabulous cupcake tiers!


Regular: 18-20

Mini: 45-50


Regular: 18-20

Mini: 45-50


Regular: 10-12

Mini: 25-30


Regular: 15-18

Mini: 40-45


Regular: 35-40

Mini: up to 120


Regular: 50-55

Mini: up to 150


Regular: 50

Mini: up to 110


Adjustable Tier
Rental: $40.00
Deposit: $100.000

Tiers are available for rent for a $15.00 fee.

An additional $50.00 will be collected as a security deposit, and will be returned when our tier is safely returned. 


We ask that all tiers be wiped down immediately after use to prevent staining or rusting. Tiers that are returned dirty or with stains may result in a portion of the deposit being withheld.

Security deposits will not be returned for tiers which have been damaged (e.g., scratched, dented, chipped, etc)

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