The Kake Studio

Join us for an event at the sweetest venue in town!

Located at the same address as our bakery location, The Kake Studio opened in 2017, and has quickly become one of the most sought-after venues in Bergen County with over 500 parties hosted already!


  • Dates fill up quickly - especially weekends! We recommend booking 2-3 months in advance.

  • The minimum age requirement for our parties is 5 years old. Any guest under the age of 5 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian

  • The Kake Studio is available for viewing by appointment only. Call today to schedule your consultation!

Booking An Event

Planning your next event is as easy as one, two, three!

Step 1:

Select your Party Package

Step 2:

Reserve your date by providing your $100 non-refundable deposit

Step 3:

Submit your signed Party Contract

10% off weekday events!

Valid Tuesday - Thursday only. We are closed Mondays!

What event are you looking for?


How do I book an event?

Events can only be booked in person or over the phone. We do not accept bookings via email. Please stop in the Kara Kakes storefront or give us a call during business hours. Kindly have payment ready as we require a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. We will also need a signed party contract submitted by the booking adult.

Is it ever too early to book my party?

No! We recommend booking an event 2-3 months in advance. We often have dates booked up to 6 months out. The earlier the better!

What information do I need to know at booking?

We will need to know your desired date, party package, and add-on's (if selected). We will also collect basic contact information at the time of booking. Please provide an updated email address and phone number.

Why do I need to make an appointment to see the Studio?

The Kake Studio is in high demand! We have events scheduled every day of the week, and do not show the room while events are in progress, or for one hour before or after scheduled events. The Studio is also in a separate part of our shopping center, and not directly connected to Kara Kakes. At times, our staff members may not be able to leave the storefront to bring you to our Studio. Please call to make an appointment to see the space!

What is important to tell guests/parents/guardians who are attending my event?

Please make all guests/parents/guardians aware of the folllowing: - Kara Kakes and The Kake Studio are NOT nut-free facilities. While no nuts are used or come into contact with any materials used for our parties, cupcakes and frostings were prepared in a kitchen where nut flavors are also prepared. No cross-contamination occurs on premises. Please contact us for any allergy concerns - Children's events of 15 guests or more are mandatory drop-off only events. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances, but must be discussed with a Kara Kakes staff member before the date of your event. - Kindly put the start time of your event 10-15 minutes earlier than your scheduled start time. For example, if your event is slotted to begin at 1:00pm, please ask guests to arrive at 12:45pm. This will allow us to start our activities on time, and will ensure that all of your guests are present at the start time.

What is the minimum age requirement?

We require that all guests be at least 5 years old at the time of the event.

How many guests can I invite?

Our Studio can host a maximum of 25 children. Please remember that parties of 15 children or more are mandatory drop-off only events (except for birthday child's immediate family). Overall, we must stay under our maximum capacity of 35 people in The Studio - this number includes adults, siblings, and staff.

Can I add on extra time to my party for gifts/personal time?

Yes! We have the options of adding on a much time as you would like before or after your event. To rent our room, we apply a $50 charge per half hour. Please note that in some circumstances, extra time will not be available due to other scheduled events. Room rentals must be finalized no later than 1 week prior to your event. Time allotted for room rental is not staffed.

What is the "personal cake" included in some packages?

Our 4-inch cake is a special treat just for the birthday child. All children will decorate one (1) fondant piece to stick on the cake, which is then used to sing Happy Birthday to. This cake is intended to be taken home, and is not cut or served at our events.

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